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Five Minutes' Peace

Written and illustrated by Victoria Turnbull
Frances Lincoln £11.99
ISBN: 978-1847807496

The attention to detail in this unusual picture book skilfully portrays Pandora's home on what could be called a junk heap. She lives "in a land of broken things", which to her is a place of useful treasures and inspiration. But, she is alone amongst all her creations until the day a broken bird falls from the sky. Pandora, the young fox, does her best to mend the frail creature and, as a reward, she has company at last with the bird bringing her new treasures from far-off lands. The illustrations are soft and warm in muted shades and the pages cleverly designed with space as well as detail. This is reflected in the text, which is very succinct but still conveys a memorable story of loss and renewal. When the bird fails to return one day Pandora is desolate but gradually life returns and blooms amongst the broken things and she is rewarded far more than she could ever have dreamt.
Louise Stothard


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