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Written by Kat Ellis
Firefly £7.99
ISBN: 978-1910080405

Mason is a young man who has a nasty habit of getting into trouble. The story reveals that he has been thrown out of every place he has ever lived – and he has lived in plenty of different places and communities that exist within this futuristic world.

As a last resort, Mason moves to a new community, called Alteria – a community he at first rejects, but has to be better than the abandoned, wild wasteland that exists beyond the community boundaries. Mason meets a kindred spirit, named Eden, within this community, and they seem like a perfect match. Has Mason finally found a home? All this momentary stability comes crashing down when Eden is caught with illegal contraband, and she is sent to a corrective facility.

Mason is fully aware that this means she will be purged, and lost forever. This is a wonderful, fast-moving story of abandonment, hope and romance. Twin narratives run side by side, eventually and masterfully intertwining and merging within a compelling story. Full of emotional twists and turns, this title deals with adult issues in a sympathetic and mature fashion.

Allister Jordan


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