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Water Born
Written by Rachel Ward
Chicken House (eB) £7.99
ISBN: 978-1909489325

Another gripping thriller, full of suspense, from Rachel Ward, author of the Numbers trilogy. Nic loves the water, loves swimming, and so is desperate to be chosen for the swimming team. However, hearing a disembodied voice, when in the water, begins a series of events which not only jeopardizes her position in the team but even endangers her life. Nic feels that her parents are not being honest with her about happenings many years earlier and so, with the help of an unexpected friend, she begins to delve into the past not expecting to find the horrific truths she uncovers there. This enthralling and powerful supernatural thriller, with hidden family secrets, revenge and serial murder, builds to a shocking and totally unexpected climax. Unputdownable!
Sinead & Martin Kromer


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Carousel, published 3 times a year is a magazine which aims to inform its readers about the world of children’s books. The contents of each issue include new book, signed reviews ranging from babies to young adults and covering fiction, poetry and information. Alongside are articles and in-depth interviews with authors and illustrators. The editorial team have a vast experience between them of working with young people as teachers, librarians and booksellers. The link between them is their passion for quality children’s books and their belief that every child has the right to be presented with appropriate books.
David Blanch

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