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Rose in the Blitz

Rose in the Blitz
Written by Rebecca Stevens
Chicken House £6.99
ISBN: 978-1910655542

Fast moving and emotionally charged, this book, like its companion Valentine Joe, takes Rose back in time from her present life to the days when Britain was at war. Whereas the setting for the earlier book was the Great War this one has her experiencing the horrors of WWII.

Rose and her mother live, since the death of Rose's father, with Aunt Cosy who, at ninety-two suffers from memory loss. It is the eve of her mother's wedding to a man Rose dislikes and as she watches, sleepless, from her window she sees the old lady leaving the house and heading for the nearby underground station. Rose follows her and finds herself back in 1940 and actively involved in the London Blitz that, the now young, Aunt Cosy had experienced decades before.

Threaded through with the poignancy of wartime songs, part historical fiction, part a story about memory, love and coming to terms with grief, this book will have wide appeal for the classroom or for reader enjoyment.
Catriona Nicholson


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